Monday, May 5, 2014

Home Reno - Week 23

Lighting galore!
The lamps are mostly installed, yet the contractor haven't provide the light bulbs for the standard downlight *sigh*. The following are lamps designed and provided by me.. Except for the Ikea lamp ofcourse. 

These birdcage lamps are literally made from regular birdcages and light bulbs. The stripey shadow from the cages looks nice, don't you think?

We bought this string spotlight on sale at Ikea a long time ago, while we're still living in Singapore. I love how the light hit the wall surface.. It's a faux concrete wall, btw.

This group of bare light bulbs suspended on black cables is so simple and honest, and that's why it looks nice. The exposed brick wall complements the lamps, together they give strong visual of industrial vibe.

While I'm pleased with the lighting, there are other problems that give me a bad headache.. An aluminum door that's wrongly executed and turned up as a window (doh!), flawed floor tile that has been changed many times and finally fixed but only to be flawed again by the kitchen contractor (double doh!) and many other things that haven't finished while it should have :(