Thursday, June 26, 2008

About The Little Ones

For you who live with 'the most important people in the world' (in IKEA's term) - children - especially the small ones, would probably very aware of how they 'rule' the house with their toys and other stuffs.

And you are probably still sitting on the fence when it comes to make decisions: What is the best arrangement for my kids' room? How can I make it? What do I need to put in there? etc..

Not to mention we who live in small space, have to do extra effort to fit all of our necessities AND for the children's as well.
But no worries, coz I've found a 'Children's Knowledge Book' here for your rescue ;)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sofa So Good

Do you recognize this sofa in the picture? Maybe you've seen a piece that (you think) looks the same in a furniture store near your neighbourhood?

Well ladies and gentlemen, this piece is one of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-better known as Le Corbusier's materpiece. The architect-product designer had many masterpieces, but I'd say this one's the most phenomenal. Created decades ago, this furniture has not dated in the slightest, and even today fits perfectly with the modern home.

Timeless as it is, there are so many other furnitures that 'inspired' -or so called- by its simple yet elegant design, resulting in various look-alike pieces all over the world. So it really is not your fault if you thought this picture is a snap shot from that suburb furniture store, coz I too know a few stores that offer these look-alikes to cater people who adore Le Corbu's design but could not afford to get the authentic one - or are they just don't care about design copyrights? Hmm.. you decide.

Monday, June 23, 2008

No Ordinary Bubbles

These days there are growing numbers of outdoor furniture with interesting design and a twist in its material. Like this Bubble Club collection for instance. Made of polyethylene (plastic), designer Phillipe Starck again successfully make his signature on this modern piece with a touch of fun and traditional lines.

The collection comprises of sofa, armchair and table, which can fit into a moderate-big size backyard perfectly, or even in the living room for indoor use.

I personally think that the sofa is the best piece since you can just put it in the terrace by itself and it'll look and function great without any other furnishing. As for the table, it would look awkward without some seating. And the armchair.. well, it does look cute by itself, yet it won't function as much because of its single seater.

Yet, if you have the space AND the budget, no harm in investing on the whole collection :)

pics from

Multifunctional Side Table

Here's another versatile design from Ikea, the Hatten side table. With sleek metal legs and transparent plastic top, it's speaking in a modern language (in a low budget too).

So it's a table, with a removable top which can function as a tray as well, and it has a space underneath for storage. Ikea claims that this piece is perfect for outdoor furniture, say at the patio, for the storage can hold some cool drinks and the tray can be used to serve them.

But I'm not really buying it because even the top is made of plastic (which is weatherproof I suppose), but the legs are made of chromed metal which I don't think can stand in my area's humidity.

Yet I would still have it for indoor use though (I'm nuts about transparent furnitures, works great in my small space), let say in the kids bedroom, for toys storage. Or even as a bed side table (for ones that into modern-retro style, this piece's a steal).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Embrace The Outdoor Living

pic's taken from

Living in the tropical land -where it's summer all year long- sure gives you lots of reason to go outdoor. That is if you can stand all the tropical bugs as well :p But seriously, I prefer to sit outside under a shade in a hot sun rather than stay inside a closed air-conditioned room.

Call me claustrophobic but there's something about outdoor living that actually make you feel free and more alive.

Which comes to a thought 'why not make an outdoor living room'. If you can't stand the idea of mosquitos hovering around while you watch your favourite TV show, than maybe you could adjust your 'outdoor living' to a semi outdoor terrace where you can spend one lazy morning-afternoon reading books with plenty of natural light and breezy air, or you can even have your guests there.
Afraid of the room would feel too ordinary? Don't be, because you can decorate it as you please. In my case, currently I'm crazy over the modern-natural-tropical-resort style. But then I've always been drawn to a laid back comfy design which you probably know as the modern tropical style.

Say, to be short, just take a look at the picture on top, and I'll find a good book to read in the breeze..

Bourgie Lamp

Now this one's definitely a hot item. Kartell's Bourgie Lamp.

With a touch of baroque design on it's modern sleek transparent polycarbonate, this piece is on the rage of many designer item collectors - including me? well I'm just admiring its timeless yet classic design though :)
In addition to the transparent and black color available, now it also comes in the new gold shade. How fancy is that.

Let There Be Light

I'm a self confessed lamp tramp, yes I am. Thanks to my spouse and Ikea for that :D

Have you ever realized the power of a good lighting in a room? If you answer 'yes', then welcome to the club. But if 'no' is your answer, then you might want to read on below.

Lighting in a room works the same way like a make-up on ones face. If it's done nicely it can accentuate the good features, making it look even better. But sadly it works the other way around too. In short, lighting can make or break the room.

Here's a "Lighting for Dummies Short Course" for a quick reference :)

Which one is Which

A good design is not necessarily an expensive one, that's what I always said to myself everytime I'm drooling over some designer pieces.

Like when I found this Lampan table lamp in Ikea that resemblances the Take lamp from Kartell. Well you can't compare the quality ofcourse, but to get the pretty much same look for a fraction of the cost - now THAT's smart.

Yet if you are an avid designer piece collector, this may not be a good option. But if you are a young family with small children in the house, than this is a way to lighten up your home in style without breaking your budget for sure.

Now, can you tell which lamp is Kartell's and which is Ikea's?

Hint: just rollover your mouse on the pics :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not a Scary Ghost

Meet your partner in solving tight small space problems in a stylish way.

This is the Ghost Chair from Phillipe Starck who also designed the Stool as well. Though its shape evoke classic 19th-century designs, this chair is somewhat has a modern flair.
Made of a single block of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate, the chair is sturdy and durable while displaying a light delicate appearance which fit perfectly in small spaces.

Moreover, it's suitable for indoor and outdoor use too!

Hmm.. better put it in my wishlist now..

Super Small Garden

Wondering what to do with that 1.5 x 2 sqm 'backyard'?

We city people blessed with easy access to various amenities yet cursed with the limited of land for our 'nests'.

Yet, is it really a reason for not trying to make our homes look and feel good for us to live in?

Here's an example of making the best of what you have - even if it's just a small patch of ground.

You still can have a water wall feature, a fish pond, a garden full of greens with stone paths - all in mini size ofcourse, but still good enough for you to relax after that long working hours.

Tips: You can still 'go green' in your tight space. Think vertical! Instead of planting on the ground, you could opt for potted plants and hang them on the wall.

The Panton Chair

Here's one of my favourite cantilever chair from the late Danish architect and designer Verner Panton, named the 'Panton Chair' after him.
pic's taken from

Why is it so special to me because it's simple timeless design, comes in many fun colours and it's also available in kids size ones, 'Panton Junior'.

What more can you ask for?