Monday, June 23, 2008

Multifunctional Side Table

Here's another versatile design from Ikea, the Hatten side table. With sleek metal legs and transparent plastic top, it's speaking in a modern language (in a low budget too).

So it's a table, with a removable top which can function as a tray as well, and it has a space underneath for storage. Ikea claims that this piece is perfect for outdoor furniture, say at the patio, for the storage can hold some cool drinks and the tray can be used to serve them.

But I'm not really buying it because even the top is made of plastic (which is weatherproof I suppose), but the legs are made of chromed metal which I don't think can stand in my area's humidity.

Yet I would still have it for indoor use though (I'm nuts about transparent furnitures, works great in my small space), let say in the kids bedroom, for toys storage. Or even as a bed side table (for ones that into modern-retro style, this piece's a steal).

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