Saturday, June 21, 2008

Super Small Garden

Wondering what to do with that 1.5 x 2 sqm 'backyard'?

We city people blessed with easy access to various amenities yet cursed with the limited of land for our 'nests'.

Yet, is it really a reason for not trying to make our homes look and feel good for us to live in?

Here's an example of making the best of what you have - even if it's just a small patch of ground.

You still can have a water wall feature, a fish pond, a garden full of greens with stone paths - all in mini size ofcourse, but still good enough for you to relax after that long working hours.

Tips: You can still 'go green' in your tight space. Think vertical! Instead of planting on the ground, you could opt for potted plants and hang them on the wall.

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