Sunday, June 22, 2008

Embrace The Outdoor Living

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Living in the tropical land -where it's summer all year long- sure gives you lots of reason to go outdoor. That is if you can stand all the tropical bugs as well :p But seriously, I prefer to sit outside under a shade in a hot sun rather than stay inside a closed air-conditioned room.

Call me claustrophobic but there's something about outdoor living that actually make you feel free and more alive.

Which comes to a thought 'why not make an outdoor living room'. If you can't stand the idea of mosquitos hovering around while you watch your favourite TV show, than maybe you could adjust your 'outdoor living' to a semi outdoor terrace where you can spend one lazy morning-afternoon reading books with plenty of natural light and breezy air, or you can even have your guests there.
Afraid of the room would feel too ordinary? Don't be, because you can decorate it as you please. In my case, currently I'm crazy over the modern-natural-tropical-resort style. But then I've always been drawn to a laid back comfy design which you probably know as the modern tropical style.

Say, to be short, just take a look at the picture on top, and I'll find a good book to read in the breeze..

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