Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get Inspired.. Within The Budget!

How many times do we have to let go of our dreams for some unforeseen circumstances?
I hear lots of 'been there done that'..

Let's get more specific, in terms of building your dream home, your very own nest.
Often you have to lower your expectation and deal with the 2nd best.. or 3rd.. 4th.. and it keeps going..

Yet, don't be discouraged! You see these room pictures that are inspiring while actually done in a low budget.. I like how they look unpretentious yet charming in the same time.

Stuck with an old sofa? Fret not! Simply cover it with a throw, blanket or any fabric in coordinating color, whether it's in the same range or contrast colors.

Think white! White besides being neutral (and cheap! White paint costs less than the colored ones) is also giving you a sense of airy and lightness, which important in a small space. And it provides you a perfect 'canvas' for you to work with. Go monochrome and add more shades of pale colors such as lightgreys -- warm and cool. Or if the mood strikes, give punches of colors for more fun.

Put the colors on the furnishings that are easy to replace, such as curtains, throw pillows, rugs, blankets and so on. Even the colorful kids toys can add difference in a room.

For more pics see the original article here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I usually prewash my fabrics before using them. You know how some garments would shrunk after you wash 'em? Since I like to combine more than 1 type of fabric in each of my work, imagine what disaster could happen if I didn't prewash the fabrics in advance.

So here I am, starting to prewash this pretty orange batik fabric. It's a Garutan batik, originated from Garut, West Java, Indonesa, known for its various bright colors.

You know you have a genuine batik if it has that wax-like smell(from the making process) and the color is vivid in both sides of the fabric. Prewashing batik is also important to release the excessive color pigment on it so you won't experience color bleed or stain in the next washes.