Thursday, February 4, 2010


I usually prewash my fabrics before using them. You know how some garments would shrunk after you wash 'em? Since I like to combine more than 1 type of fabric in each of my work, imagine what disaster could happen if I didn't prewash the fabrics in advance.

So here I am, starting to prewash this pretty orange batik fabric. It's a Garutan batik, originated from Garut, West Java, Indonesa, known for its various bright colors.

You know you have a genuine batik if it has that wax-like smell(from the making process) and the color is vivid in both sides of the fabric. Prewashing batik is also important to release the excessive color pigment on it so you won't experience color bleed or stain in the next washes.

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down bedding said...

Beautiful, bright vibrant color :)