Saturday, September 13, 2008

Inspiration: Butterflies

On my recent vacation I spotted some pretty butterflies. And I was immediately inspired to have them not only in my photo collections, but also applied on my home decoration.

As pillow/cushion is one of my favourite decoration objects, here you can see the beautiful butterflies in the form of beautiful batik motifs on pillow/cushion covers.

Below here I use the butterfly cushion as a floor cushion, suitable for your casual activity room indoors or outdoors, such as while watching TV, in reading corner, or even relaxing by the garden on tea time.

In a more conventional way, you can put it on your living room couch. The butterfly pattern on the cushion covers is almost an effortless way to bring the nature beauty inside your home.

What's more, you can actually have the exact cushion covers here :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Double Brownies - not edible ;)

As mouth watering as it sounds, Double Brownies is the answer for your quest on easy decorating.

Double Brownies is a set of cushion covers with contrasting pattern on both sides (front and back) for effortless variation.

With a rich brown color base combined with pretty white patterns, this cushion cover sure will fit nicely in any room scene and the contrasting pattern will do you a big help on pulling together that one-of-a-kind style you desire.

Covered in Double Brownies, your cushions just need a flip to change their appearance in an instant, and it will make your mix-match tryouts even easier than ever.

So what are you waiting for? Go get this versatile decorative object here now! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inspiration: Flowers

What can cheer up any room setting, indoor or outdoor?

I'll say, flowers.

Be it in a garden - potted or planted straight to the ground, or indoors - lavish flower arrangements or a simple yet sweet single stalk in a vase, flowers sure can boost that positive energy you really need.

Inspired by the beautiful flowers, we present you cushion covers in flowery batik prints you can choose from.

You can have them in a set for a streamlined look, or mix and match them to give a quirky yet pretty look. Give it a try, and you'll be surprise on how easy it is to change your room decor by just adding some cushion with a little creativity. In any way, you'll get the most of the batik flower prints which will cheer your rooms in elegance.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Batik Cushion Covers

If you think you can only use batik home accessories in a room with traditional style, then you should think again. Because the fact is, you can put home decorations with traditional flair in any kinds of room setting. Be it a modern, minimalist, rustic, or art deco styled room, don't be afraid to mix and match accessories from different styles to get the unique eclectic style that is truly yours.

With some batik cushions, you can stack em up in the living room to enhance the warmth of the room. Or put them on the terrace chairs for an instant welcoming feel. Or put one on your bed as an accent pillow. And there's so much more you can do with these versatile batik home accessories.

You can find variety of beautiful batik cushion covers in our home and decor online store, Feathers For Nest.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Feathers for Nest - Our New Home and Decor Online Store

Feathers For Nest - just another home and decor online store, I hear you say?

Sorry to disappoint you, but this one is no ordinary home and decor online store, mind you.

Besides the high quality products, you'll also get free tips on how to pull it off in your own home and make the decor uniquely yours.

I promise you low price with great designs.. yes, you heard me right.

So come have a look here in Feathers For Nest - our new online store :). Subscribe to get the latest news from us since the gallery will be updated weekly with new decoration stuffs coming.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Orange Crush

Still about "What's your favourite color?" poll, another least voted color is Orange.

When used in a room, Yes, a bright orange color can fell intimidating sometimes, but not if you know how to pull it together.

And here's how. You see, orange evokes excitement, enthusiasm and is an energetic color. To make it work in any room, make sure you combine orange shades with purple and/ or green shades. This combination will surely match because orange, purple, and green form a triadic color scheme, which is they form a triangle in the color wheel.

Feel the combination of the three colors is too colorful for your taste? Then choose only two of them. In my preference - since I LLove green - I like to boast green on the wall then use orange only for punches of colors here and there. That way the orange color is not only fun and playful but also warm and inviting at the same time.

Pics from

Monday, September 1, 2008

Yellow is Not Mellow

From our last poll "What's your favourite color?" we can see some least favourite colors voted.

One of them is Yellow.

What is it about yellow anyway? (though I didn't vote for the color as well)

Is it because most people would picture a striking sunny yellow for the mentioned color? If so, yes, that color is fatiguing to the eyes. Yet yellow could be adapted in so many shades and ways in home decorating, like what I'm about to share here now.

You can easily put yellow color on the walls, from pale to deep, for an instant perk up. Yellow captures the joy of sunshine and reflects happiness. It’s suitable for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms, where happy color is needed for energizing. Yellow also can feel expansive and welcoming in halls, entries, and small spaces.

If you are still on the fence about the idea of yellow walls, you can paint only 1 wall in the room, make it a color feature wall. Or you can even paint striped pattern on the wall, alternating yellow with other color that you consider as 'save' (e.g. white).

all pics above are from

And even when you still don't want to put any yellow on the wall, you can still opt for a saver way to use the color, like on furniture and some decoration objects shown here from IKEA.