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inaku Versatile Vest - AVAILABLE in Mustard Yellow

Jadul Village

After visiting the craft bazaar - as hubby couldn't stand the traffic jam in Bandung on weekend - we went to Sapu Lidi Restaurant for a late lunch, and spend the rest of the weekend at Jadul Village Resort in Lembang.

I will share here about the latter. The name Jadul itself is short for JAman DUlu, freely translated into old times. Actually I wasn't expect too much at first, since it looked rather bland from the parking area. But how I was wrong. Upon entering the open lobby, there greeted me various antique ethnic decor. The lobby itself is a Joglo house, so are all the villas there which all adapted Java vernacular architecture.

We stayed in Gebyok Villa, and was very pleased with the ethnic feel combined with modern vanities.

The open air bath was a feast for the senses!

As I explore more of the premises I became even more overwhelmed with the intricate details. There are many elements that are being reused, like old wooden train track which used for pathways and old doors for the powder rooms. They give strong eclectic characters with a rustic feel.

Overall, I can say that staying in Jadul Village was a very pleasant experience.. now if only they could do something to the parking area so it doesn't look bland.

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Short Visit

Last Saturday I went to Bandung and had time to visit my crafter friends who took part in Craft Bazaar at Crayon's Craft & Co.

Well okay, ofcourse I also shop there :D

Here's some Scented Sachets from Sawo Kecik, now inside my boys' drawer. 

And cute owl hangings for my boys' bedroom glass door, from Papayamango.

Also some owl hanging mobile from Mochie2Felt, pouch from ammi&abi and cushion covers from Myurbey.

I also met Dita from Cemprut and Intan from intaNotes (^_^) too bad I can't stay long enough to meet the other crafters.. hopefully there'll be another time :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

New from inaku - Versatile Sash [SOLD OUT]

It's a super skinny sash which can be worn as 




Only 1 piece left is now available, the Turquoise (last picture). Go get it before it's gone!

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I'm Sew in Love..

..with my current muse from Calyx.

This stunning pochette is really worth the wait!

Shawl Tutorial

My dear friend De made a tutorial on how to wear inaku Tie Dye Shawl as a jilbab (headscarf). Not only 1 or 2 but 4 (four!) styles that you could try.

Check out the complete tutorial in her blog HERE.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


You want to give an old photograph effect on your pictures?
Try this one.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Blog Header

I've been busy lately and I ran out of creative juice.. or so I felt.
That's why I change my blog header (again), to give me some boost! Found this art on fabric from Marimekko and I love it! Reminds me of architectural sketches I used to work on.
Having a not-very-long attention span, I always need a good distraction here and there at times. It helps me to get back on track and focus on what I'm suppose to be doing.
Well enough blabbering.. let's get to work! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Will upload my new collection on facebook TODAY, just click HERE and stay alert! 

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inaku on Genie

Alhamdulillah, inaku is featured in a two-page article on Genie tabloid, 16-22 September 2011 edition (^_^)

I also share a tutorial on how to make a small reversible scarf in the article, so don't miss it ;)
Thanks to mbak Rahmi for the interview and mas Rahmat for the pictures.

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inaku di Adalah Kita

inaku ada di Karya Indonesia adalah Kita.

Yuk lihat inaku dan karya Indonesia lainnya di Parade Karya Kita disini dan ikut tunjukkan karyamu (^_^)

New Blog Header

I took this picture at East Coast Park Singapore and had put it as my blog header for years now.

For now I've been living in Indonesia again, I thought I'd put a new picture, from the nature where I live :)
I took this one at a rubber forest plantation in Jepara, Java, Indonesia.

Why do I always put nature picture as my blog header, while my blog is about design and stuff I hear you asked?
Simply because nature is one of God's grand design :) 
And the dreamy blue sky, the beautifully crafted tall trees reaching up to the sky.. a reminder to never give up on your dreams!