Wednesday, March 31, 2010

here we go again..

It was kind of an experiment, making this bag. I use faux leather for the material, combined with Batik and IKEA fabric.

It turned out that the faux leather material was not very friendly with my standard sewing machine, so I had to change my original design for me to be able to complete the bag.

Here you can see the inner side, made from IKEA fabric. I didn't put any pocket there, don't know why.. just not in the mood I guess :p

And aren't these green flower buttons so cute? They actually attached the bag strap to the body, not a mere accessory.


aphrodita wibowo said...



ideku handmade said...

lovely!!!! :)

featherbed said...

Really cute bag - love the mix of materials & flower buttons :)

Anonymous said...

nice design n well-executed
love this bag :)