Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Small Reversible Sling Bag

I've finished making this bag last week, but it's always been dark and cloudy so I thought I'd wait for the sunshine to take a good photo of the bag. Turns out it's still cloudy until today, but I don't want to put off till tomorrow. So please bear with the blurry picture.

My friend had been asking me to make this bag since forever! Sorry for the long delay dear :p

She wanted a small sling bag that's big enough to fit her wallet and glasses, so I've made it compact and reversible. I hope she likes it :)


aphrodita wibowo said...

kainnya slalu bagus baguuuuus...ngiri... belinya di IKEA trus ya mbak? kayaknya kainnya juga tebel... tas nya baguuuuus....


designer said...

hehe makasi Dita..
iya aku suka beli kain di IKEA, motifnya lucu2 ^^

luluk said...

I do like it.
The crochet makes it even cuter.

designer said...

Thanks jeng Luluk ^_^

Andi Lia said...

Mb Ina, makasi kunjungannya yaa, kunjungan balik niy :)
Kreasi mb Ina juga keren2, ngiler liatnya, hehehe...salam kenal yaa :)

designer said...

Alaikumsalam, makasih ya dah mampir juga :)