Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kitchen VS Bookshelves

I came across this one quite some time ago, I hope it's not too late to share it now. OK, how often could you find a big bookshelf in the kitchen?
The idea didn't even crossed my mind until I saw this.

The open plan kitchen belongs to (and designed by) the owner of Leone Design Studio. No wonder, eh..

The freestanding bookshelf also function as a room divider while still having visual connection between the divided rooms. Not to mention it would easily served as a display for you collection - not just books.

I like how the bookshelves is not fully floor to ceiling, leaving a gap above and below making it float-like.

And do you see the table and stools between the kitchen set and the bookshelf? They are on wheels! So it's super easy to move them around and use them for many things. The table could function as a kitchen island or dining table or reading/ working desk.. how simple yet cool is that.

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