Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabric Wall Art: an upcycling project

I've been wanting to make a fabric panel wall art but haven't found (read: too lazy to look for) the right supplies yet. You know, the one where you stretch a fabric on wood frame (the one for stretching canvas) then fasten it with a staple gun.

So recently I've made my own version of the wall art for the boys' bedroom, after done unpacking almost half of our stuff from the boxes. I made adjustments on the supplies by using leftovers and existing everyday materials.

My formula is:
styrofoam + fabric + tacks + double tape = wall art

How to:
Stretch the fabric on the styrofoam, fasten with tacks and stick to the wall with double tape.

How easy is that! Don't forget to let me now if you make similar wall art like this :)


aphrodita wibowo said...

haha... i do the same thing... cuman fungsinya jadi tempat nempel note-note pesanan, besok aku posting deh mbak, skalian aku link postingan kamu yg ini ya mbak...


Sari Sulistiyo said...

motif kainnya bagus mba,,
dulu aku jg suka bikin wall art,,tp pake kertas kado bekas, hihi..

designer said...

@dita, iyaa bisa buat nempelin note juga :)

@sari, hehe.. eh karya2mu bikin gemesss smua ^^