Sunday, April 24, 2011


A couple of days ago I found time to visit Inacraft 2011, the 13th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair which held in Jakarta Convention Center.

Besides getting overwhelmed with all the pretty stuff there, I'm so happy to finally met lovely Puri from ideku handmade for the first time. 

Too bad teh Lia from Calyx couldn't come to the fair, though you can find her work there. I also visit Amesh from dreamesh and friends' booth but didn't meet them personally.. hopefully I can see them in other occasions :)

For you who happen to be in Jakarta right now, you still have the chance to visit them since the fair is on until Sunday, 24 April. Have fun!  

1 comment:

Andi Lia said...

Hiya mb Ina, hiks2, sedih banget ga bisa dateng ke Inacraft thn ini, mana yang jaga juga orgnya sedikit, kesian deh, pasti repot...
Mudah2an thn depan deh, insya Allah :)