Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Inspiration Award

Thank you moshe things :)
The idea of me inspiring others.. it means a lot, really! *hugs*

Next I'd like to give this award to 10 other inspiring bloggers (in no particular orders):

1. moshe things - she took my breath away with her daughter's wall decal and the ultimate birthday party!
2. ideku handmade - been following her since years ago, admiring her high creativity and dedication.
3. cemprut - purchased one of her 1st owl bags years back, her work is getting more and more interesting.
4. calyx - always surprise me with her witty yet sweet artworks.
5. Fiminin Islamic Fashion - modest, fashionable yet simple!
6. eliT craft - super creative mum who always has her hands full.
7. sawo kecik - sweet gal with serious talent!
8. Rumah Kue Tie - beautifully yummy.. mmm
9. Helloilmare - her posting on home decoration is always tasteful.
10. doodle doodle dum dum - unbelievable creative, quirky, cynical. A lot like younger me (minus the creative part)

Writing this, I'm feeling inspired already :D


aphrodita wibowo said...

makasih mbak ina :) ur inspirational too :)

EliT Craft said...

thanks for this award yah... GBU

Andi Lia said...

Thanks so much mb Ina, aku juga selalu mengagumi karya2 mb Ina & teman2 crafter lainnya...peluks :)

cecilliahidayat said...

wow makasih banyak mbak Inaaaa you've just made my day! :D

Rumah Kue Tie said...

Ina , makasih banyak yaaaah , sukses selalu yah :)