Friday, March 16, 2012

Featured on 'Green Issues by Agy'

Agy from 'Green Issues by Agy' has been so kind to feature my blog HERE.
Thanks Agy :)
Her blog is about green craft, recycling and upcycling/ refashioning which I happen like doing. I haven't done any refashions again for quite some time now, thanks to the load of inaku projects :D

But hey, do you know that I also use fabric scraps to make inaku stuff?
This flower brooch for instance.
And the key wallets!
I also use the fabric scraps to make some parts of the passport wallet.

How's that for a green craft ;)


moshe things said...

I love recycling too :). Aku mendukungmu mba...

designer said...

thanks for your support ;D

EnnyD said...

Ini masih gag Mb Ina?

designer said...

sold mb enny, tapi msh bisa bikin lagi kok :)