Thursday, November 28, 2013

Home Reno - Week 2

There's not much to show, so I won't share any photos from the construction site. We're still in the early stage of construction with all the concrete beams and columns to make.

Initially I wanted to preserve the old building as much as we could, especially the floor tiles. But seeing the work progress where many existing tiles are broken here and there, I know it's almost impossible to do so. Yes it's quite frustrating at first, yet it gave me new ideas on the finishing. You see, I'm always drawn into sleek white interior because I see it as a versatile blank canvas. But I also love raw finishes such as concrete floor and brick wall, which add depth and texture.

So I'm thinking, wouldn't it be nice if we could opt for bare concrete floor instead of the previous glossy ceramic tiles (which now are nowhere near glossy anymore). Oh and bare concrete ceiling too :D Going raw like that, it certainly would save us the finishing budget. And like I said, the combination of finished and raw surfaces will add more depth and dimensions to the space.

And it just so happens, I saw these beautiful rooms. I could just see them in my house :)

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But the thing is, my hubby is not very keen of the raw finishing idea, with his own reasons. So now we're still looking for the perfect solution (read: I will make him agree).


Fenty Fahminnansih said...

hahahaha, kereen ya walaupun gak finish gitu pengerjaannya ^_^

Lagian lebih gampang dibersihin, gak keliatan kotor, karena warnanya juga gak terang2 banget :D

designer said...

@Fenty jare ojob: kayak lantai warung >_<