Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wishlist - Au Naturel

The following are some things that are on my wishlist right now. Actually it's a pretty long list, but I thought I'd share just a glimpse to save you from boredom.

The items here are random, but you might notice that they are somewhat have a thing in common. Natural. Raw. Rustic.

I was torn between having a glossy light colored floor or a dark rustic one. Since my house is quite small and I'd like to make it look more spacious by maximizing light colored surface, I compromised by having the dark floor only in small areas. As for the bronze metallic tile like in the above picture, I was lucky to find similar tile at the nearest Mitra 10 store.. Yay! Those tiles will be covering the master bedroom floor, for the intimate rustic-glam look I'm after.

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I'm not in the pink of health these last few weeks, so it's only normal if I took more time (trying) to rest and relax. I hope this detoxifying natural clay mask will help me in doing so. Instant spa, just a click away ;)

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My Pinterest is full of furniture references that are made of natural reclaimed materials and has raw-industrial feel to it, but they are all made abroad, far from Indonesia where I reside. So I was overjoyed to find the above coffee table is available in Bali! But then I'm thinking about the shipping fee and have a 2nd thought.. hopefully I could find something similar here in Jakarta.

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I'm picturing this rustic sliding door as the master bathroom door. Hopefully the contractor could find all the right materials and make it come true.

There you go, my wishlist :) 
So what's yours?

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