Friday, August 3, 2012

a batik scarf for a thought

Beautiful, don't you think?
That's inaku Batik scarf she's wearing :)
Now I want to tell you a story behind it.. once upon a time, not so long ago, I came across her fashion blog and found it interesting like I did with many other fashion blogs especially the ones which cater for Muslimah.
But one post made me think this girl is more than meets the eye. In that note to self she brought up the topic that many of Muslimah fashion blogs always state the high-end brands of the items they wear/ carry. Most probably it's to help the readers to easily find it in stores, but it can be considered as showing off (riya) if it's not done with proper intention (niyyah).
Nevertheless, she also stated that she'll still help and publish the small brands that asked her to wear their brands. So I did :) Thank you again Puthe. 
Moral of the story, always begin all your activities with a good intention. As easy as it may seem, we tend to forget that in this busy world. 
Happy Ramadhan everyone.. Alhamdulillah it's Friday ^_^


Fenty Fahminnansih said...

ouuuh puthe, perempuan ini cantik banget emang :)

designer said...

@Fenty betul betul betul :D

Thia Miumiu said...

suka sama scarf nya,, msh bisa order gak sist: :D mksh

designer said...

@Meutia N Fariasty: Thanks :) Sori sold out, tar kl ada lagi pasti posting di blog ini kok ;)

Thia Miumiu said...

Okee :D Oiya sist bahan scarf nya itu apa ya ?

designer said...

Bahannya katun Paris :) tipis tapi gak nerawang n gak licin

Anonymous said...

pengen ketemu phute langsung, membuktikan kecantikannya ;)

AR said...

absolutely stunning, love you makeup as well. simple and refined <3
salam love.. please follow my blog and subscribe to my youtube channel. i'll be uploading a hijab and makeup tutorial insyaAllah somewhere this week. i'd be reallyn grateful if you check it out and follow, especially coming from a beautiful person like you xx