Monday, October 13, 2008

Children's Bedroom Wall 'Art'

How I long for my children's bedroom would look like something in the IKEA catalogue.. yeah dream on.

Dunno where the kids get the idea, but few weeks ago the almost-5-years-old-twin-boys started to display their 'art' on their bedroom wall, and their 'collection' is still growing till now.

Well, of course I should be pleased with the idea of putting some graphics and colors on the boring plain wall. But you know how kids are, they just won't let you have all the fun.

For a start, they want to make their own art without any help for me. So off they go with crayons, pens, scissors and tapes. And each time I give suggestions like "Why don't you color it first before you put it on the wall" or "Don't you think the color's too pale?" they just keep going with their work like I'm not even there..

And by the time they put their work up the wall, I must say I'm very proud of their original work of 'art'. Yet I still wish I could do something about it like frame the artwork and put it in some nice grid pattern.. or first make a theme for the bedroom so the kids can make artworks about it only, giving a nicer coordinated look. Hmmm but that means it won't be their original work again, right? ;)

Oh well, these will do for a start :)


Mamahoney said...

anak2 bakat seni dr jeng Ina nih, untung kreativitasnya gak nyebar graffiti ke tembok yak hehehe..

designer said...

ooh sudah sempet jeng Kendy, RR berkarya di tembok kontrakan kami :p
untung masih pake crayon, ga pake permanent marker :D