Friday, January 9, 2009

...and the seed's growing

Remember these hand sewn pillow covers?

Well, on one quiet afternoon I decided to add something on it..
Here's the 'blank canvas' on my messy work desk.

Not in the mood to follow any pattern, I just started making it without knowing what it would be.. and on the way it just came to me.

...Tadaaaa! Need ironing first.
And it sits prettily on the couch..
..and on the rug as well.
Yeah I know it's nothing much, but hey, it's my first freehand embroidery ever! I think I'm going to try this again some other time, a real stress reliever :)


Weni Kusumarianti said...'s cute! moga2 aja ga diemut2 rafli.. hehehe..
Hmm..speaking bout stress reliever.. try to bake a cake :D
it's the best stress reliever..

designer said...

yeah cute alias imut alias cuiliik :p

and about baking as a stress reliever, I'm sure it is.. until u eat the cake and gain some weight and u become more stress than before :))