Saturday, August 9, 2008

Handmade Pillow Covers

We have some red pillows that came with our black couch. Though I kinda like how the red stands out from the black, but the pillows weren't exactly our favourite because of their covers which made from the same material as the couch, which is a not-so-soft faux leather.

So those pillows have been sitting there neglected for quite some time, until I finally decided to make them some new covers (and at last found some good use for the Ikea fabric leftovers I got from the as-is department).

Here is the picture of the pillows before.

And here are pictures of the now-so-comfy pillows with their new covers. The hand sewn new covers, if I may add. It's not that I'm so obsessed with hand sewing, but it just that I haven't been able to commit my self to a certain sewing machine brand yet :D

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