Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Small Decorating

So you are living in a small space.

So am I.

So your guest bedroom is a small multifunctional room, or even doubles as a storage room. Or maybe it's your own bedroom which fit as described.

Fret not, because you can still make it as welcoming as any boutiqe hotel room with just a little effort of decorating.

Here I'm using my ol bedside table (or you can use your dressing table or any small table available), with some scented candles, vase, faux flowers and potpourri. I just simply arrange the flowers in the vase with some potpourri in it. From this basic arrangement I can make a few decoration with quite a different flair.

This first one is simple yet fresh, neutral but not dull. It reminds me of a sunny morning breeze :)

The second has more dramatic effect, just by lighting the candles ( I LLove how candle light makes a room) and throw a sheer fabric for the tablecloth. Very suitable for that romantic night you want to create ;)

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