Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Martha Stewart: Batik IS of Indonesian Origin

First thing first: I'm not a die hard fan of Martha Stewart.

There's a good reason why I'm featuring her name here now, which is correlated with Indonesian BATIK.

You see, lately in my hometown (Indonesia, Java island to be exact) there's a growing trend of using Batik as everyday fashion and home decor. Whereas Batik used to be occasionally worn only, usually for formal events.

Here are some examples of the nowadays trendy casual n chic Batik fashion from my friend's boutique.

I'm not sure when exactly the trend's started, but I assume it's probably because of a recent case where a neighbouring country claimed Batik as of its origin.

I completely understand about culture influences, not to mention between neighboring countries. Yet I (and my fellow Indonesians) can be rest assured, because despite overwhelming odds of Batik being claimed by another country, Batik is already world-wide famous for being an original Javanese (Indonesian) tradition.

To make my self clear, you can take a peek at this short article from Martha Stewart, also this longer one from Wikipedia.


Butik Bundazka ONLINE ShOp said...

Wow...hidup batik..ayo berbatik ria...

nice article,mb! keep on writing yaa!

designer said...

hehehe yyuuukkk ;)

andinobita said...

istriku pake batik tiap hari di rumah, indonesianis sejati ..

daster deng ..

designer said...

hehe daster batik emang kostum andalan ibu2 di rumah.
apalagi skrg banyak model2 yg modis, jadi jauh dari kesan kumus2 yg dulu akrab disandang si daster :D