Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bottles on Display

Do you collect things?

While I never intended to collect certain things in the first place, but eventually now I end up (infact it's not ended yet) with piles of home design books and magazines.. and dozens of childrens books as well. Yet, I'm sure my case here is a common thing for many people.

But what if you collect things that are.. well, a bit unordinary?

Like my friend who happens to be a product designer is a collector of coke bottles. Yup, the same coke bottles that you usually throw in a garbage or recycle bin after you finished the carbonated drink. Ofcourse my dear friend always say that his collection is classic, it's the historic evolution of the coke bottle design. Yeah..

Anyway, he ones asked about ways to store his bottle collections. So here you go.

Conservatively, you can keep the bottles in wine bottle racks or shelves.

Creatively, you can display all of them instead, forming a room divider wall that even suits a small space since the transparent characteristic of the glass bottle material still lets light through so the divided rooms wont become claustrophobic.

pics from

Then if you want to display only a few and keep the rest deep in the storage, you can always enhance the lime light on your display by adding some quirky accessories like this one below.

pic from


daniel said...

wah wah ...ini ni yg dtunggu-tunggu..coke is classic booo...udah de percaya aja ma gue...
eniwei tengkyu yaaa buat tips&triks nya...skarang gue dah gak bingung2 lagi dee nata koleksi gue yg udah bejibun kayak apaan (halahhh)..hahaha...

designer said...

nah ini dia si desainer produk yg nyambi jd tukang beling :))
senang bisa membantu..
eniwei kalo koleksi botol lu udah terlalu banyak utk lu simpen, tenang saja.. banyak lapak yg mo nampung kok :))