Friday, August 22, 2008

Stairway to....

I couldn't help to laugh out loud when I saw this comic strip from Wiley Miller. I always read his Non Sequitur strip in the local paper.

Back to the above strip, I can really relate to it in terms of "why the stairs have no handrails?"

As you may already know or observe, with the modern minimalist style in the rage, there are sooo many stairs designed with no handrails. I myself am an avid lover of everything that's clean cut, streamlined, uncluttered - in other word, yes, I also like the modern minimalist look.

But one should re-think again about what comes first.. Form or Function.

Having preschoolers of my own while craving for that sleek modern look is definitely look like a mere dream for now.

So I think I have to wait til the time I can have these beautiful stairs in my house..

Pics from Stair Porn

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