Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visit Indonesia 2008

So maybe I'm a bit late to post this, but better late than never, right..

I Love Indonesia, besides of it being my home country, it's also the ultimate tropical leisure travel destination, which you can choose from varieties range from luxury spa resort hotels to humble homestays for backpackers, from breathtaking high mountains to beautiful sunny beaches, from serene retreats to hip clubs.

Yes, lately there are happenings there that I'm not proud of, but I'm sure all of Indonesian people have put their best effort to do better in the future, and therefore there's absolutely no reason for not include Indonesia as your holiday travel destination.

This year, in 2008, Indonesian celebrate 100 years of National Awakening, also 63 years of Independence. And I'm happy to see that the moment is not wasted.

Here's the nice logo of Visit Indonesia 2008.

You can see the logo concept here.


andinobita said...

finally i am commenting something here .. i am so glad while see you still have a blatant nationalism :) but have you walk in our shoe lately ?

There are many thing that make walk in our shoe doesn't feels as good as about 8 years ago, many things changes. From kerosene to LPG blunder conversions that causing no kerosene available in the market but LPG is a rare item .. , house of representatives that no longer represent true face of "rakyat kecil" .. until being kicked out from OPEC to OPIC ... for importir country if there are such an organization ..

and about Visit Indonesia 2008 .. hmm .. it may have a nice logo, but faultly executed .. Grand Opened with great flood over Jakarta, then Travel Ban extention from several big countries an no promotion whatsoever ! Compared to Singapore, Korea and Malaysia ? well .. i am too shame to compare it ..

designer said...

yup, finally :) and I'm also glad to see your tough critics too, sure it means nothing but show how you REALLY care for your nation :)

And that itself (and from millions of Indonesian people who feel the same way) shows that our nation is not hopeless!

We still have hope for a better Indonesia, and who else can make it happen but Indonesian people, right?

Like a saying - start from ourselves, start from the smallest matter, start from now :)