Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tutorial: Sweater Cushion Cover

As this post title suggests, this time I'm gonna try to share a tutorial on how to make a cushion cover out of a sweater. An old one, if I may add.. and it's a fun way to be earth friendly too :)

Well, you don't need a tutorial actually, since it's pretty easy to make..

First, dig into your wardrobe for that old sweater (the ones with turtle neck line work best). I found mine, a furry purple sweater that I haven't wear for ages..

Then turn it inside out, laid it flat n cut away as in above pic.

Next, sew close the freshly cut openings (neckline and armholes). You'll have a nice square shape now, with only one side open to insert the inner cushion. Then I just add some ribbon on that side for closure, which double as a pretty accent as well.

And you're done!
Oh wait.. put in the inner cushion into the new cover, tied close all the ribbons and NOW you're done :)

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