Friday, February 20, 2009

Pillows Attack!

Last week finally hubby bought me a sewing machine, yay!
So there's no excuses again for me now from not sewing more..

The first project is ofcourse, cushion cover :D with colorful felt applications.

It has lovely ribbons closure at the opening side. Well actually I put it there because there's not enough fabric for a wide overflap and I'm not in to hassle of zipper nor buttons.

And there's more.. different fabric pattern at the back! (see?)

The second cushion cover didn't require any sewing machine actually, since it's my old handsewn cushion cover which I add some felt application.

Well, what do you think? :)


luluk said...

baguuuus dong ... :)
bis gitu di tambahi ma sulam tangan ya ..

handmade yg hokeh ..

designer said...

huehehe thanks sudah menghibur ;p