Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swappin' Charlie

Here's another swap I've made with a fellow crafter.

This time with Pimpi from Sawo Kecik, a talented crafter and apparently zakka enthusiast :)

Since we're both big fans of the Charlie Bag, we decided to make our own version of the bag.

Mine, as usual is a reversible bag. I use a colourful fabric with measuring tape motives on one side, and a black/white/grey IKEA cotton fabric on the other.

To spice things up I added fun details with sheer green fabric which I made into some ruffles and stuff. The end result is.. errr, a little bit over the top, I admit. Or should I say I was highly inspired by Alice In Wonderland :D

I hope she likes the bag because I made it with her warm personality and cute craft work in mind :)


Andi Lia said...

Very, very unique...yakin, pasti teman mbak suka dapetinnya :)

Rania said...

I think the bags are so cute and colorful... :)

riana said...

love the bag soooo much, mauuuuuuu...:)

SawoKecik said...

Ina .. lucu banget, apalagi kamu terinspirasi oleh Alice in Wonderland .... seneng banget akuu ... jadi deg-deg-an nih .. kira-kira kamu suka gak ya Charlie Bag aku .... hihihi. Makasih Ina .. can't wait to have it ....

designer said...

@Andi Lia, Rania: Thanks for the lovely comments :)

@riana: thanks, ada loh model lain yg ready stock disini:

@SawoKecik: lega deh kalo kamu suka :D I'm sure yours will be even cuter ^^