Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bags Request

My friend asked me to make a reversible shopping bag for her. She saw my charlie bag in red vynil and fell for it, unfortunately it's already taken. That's the story behind the similar fabric option.

The shape and details are different though, as you can see. Because my friend is an avid cook with her specialty in snacks, I put some embroidery embellishments in shapes of a cake slice and a mug of hot coco. I also put some fabric covered buttons (I used batik garutan in light blue and hot pink color) for her newfound liking for sewing.

Not only for herself, she also asked me to make a bag for her sister. I used the charlie bag pattern but altered the handle strap, made it longer as per my customer's request. And ofcourse, it's reversible so it's like having 2 bags in 1 ;)

1 comment:

vitarlenology said...

wuaaaa aku juga seneng banget bikin charlie bag.. tas buatanku ada di sini :)