Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inspiration: Cozy Nooks

I was browsing Apartment Therapy when I stumbled upon this gorgeous House Tour. If you haven't notice, I've a soft spot for green design - even my final year project was about Green Architecture.

But I'm not going to bore you with some architectural terms now. I just want to share the cozy nooks in the house, which are perfect for lounging around, reading, take a short nap or just gazing outside the window.

Like this sleeping porch, located right next to the master bedroom facing the backyard. It's a fun and cozy twist to the ordinary chair-and-table or bench usually seen in porch or terrace.

Or the dreamy reading nook inside the kid's bedroom. I would've read for hours there!

And do you notice the bay window seating in the living room below? Lovely!

And then there's this unexpected nook above the staircase. It may not save for small kids, but it looks oh so cozy.

If you want to see more, you could see the full article here.


knk said...

amazing bedroom pics i love them all

vivatveritas said...

aww i love the second pic! looks so cozy!

Stevie ACV2 said...

i love these bedroom pics.