Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini Me

A couple of days ago I received a small package, it's from Irene of Miu Craft!

Yes, this is one of those art/craft swaps. Inside the pretty package there it was, a necklace that's so pretty and cute which makes my Rustic Clutch that I sent her looks dowdy.

She's so sweet to include a small note inside:
"...I especially made this for you, inspired by you and your blog header.
I believe that the header represents the blog, and the blog represents you.
I hope you like it."

Ofcourse I like it.. LOVE it to be exact!

Wearing the necklace with my toffee coloured tunic, I've never thought before that I could actually pull the look off. But I guess it's not about how old you are, but it's all about how young you feel :D
*me and my age denial*

Thanks again Irene, you really do create miracles!



Andi Lia said...

Soo niice! One of a kind...ga pernah liat ada pendant cute kayak gini :)

martha puri natasande said...

lucky you mbak :)
it looks SO CUTE!!! :)

MiuCraft said...

Dear Mbak Ina,
sorry baru sempet komen.
Kmrn itu aku keluar kota, blm sempeet..
Mbaaak, thanx so much for the sweet words.
Glad u like it.