Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I got..

...from Jepara, Indonesia.
Tenun Troso (handwoven fabric). The pattern is pretty and not so loud, just the way I like it and the color is summery. I'm thinking of making a dress out of it, but most probably I'll use it as a throw. It's always hard for me to remake an already gorgeous piece of fabric into other forms.

The tenun Troso below comes with golden thread, as you can see they look shiny and sparkle beautifully.

...from Lombok, Indonesia.
Beautiful colorful handwoven textiles - I already put one of them in my living room for a throw. It accentuates our black sofa nicely.

Do you know that Lombok is one of the best sources in the world for saltwater pearls? So it's only natural if I bought a pearl pendant there. Yet due to my preference in big pendants (and the budget limitation, lol) I chose the blister pearl, a half-sphere pearl that attached to the shell as it's formed.

What's more, the pendant's reversible too!

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