Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kuta, Lombok

It's been my hubby's long time dream for him and me together (the both of us alone) going to Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia. And I was thrilled as much as he did when we got the chance to finally go there a couple of weeks ago. It was only a short 2 nights stay and we stayed in our hotel most of the time, but it's all that we need.

We stayed at
Novotel Lombok, in Kuta (yes it shares the same name with the famous beach in Bali), on the southern of the island. Being faraway from the city and right on the most serene beach, it's the perfect place for a tropical honeymoon or getaway. The hotel has its beautiful private beach, yet we wander outside the premises and still found the surrounding beach (and hills!)beautiful and clean.

This is my first glimpse at the beach when we arrived on a cloudy evening.

We literally spent the whole morning lounging at the beach.

Told ya the view is beautiful.

In the evening we enjoyed the sunset and a walk on the ocean floor when the tide is out. At night we could see the night sky's glittering with stars.. a breathtaking view that I couldn't capture well with my cam, sorry.

I love how the tropical Sasak (Lombok native) traditional architecture adapted to the resort.

Now just looking at these pictures make me longing for more. It was relaxing and refreshing indeed. You could easily opt for more adventurous activities like surfing and diving, but walking (I'm not sure whether it could be considered as climbing) the steep hills is enough edrenaline rush for me.


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures... next time you'll have to spend a little more time away from Novotel and get a flavor of the culture and food of Kuta Lombok.

Critica said...

Very nice!

EliT Craft said...

Fotonya cantik cantik deh...

widia said...

woooow jd pengen ke sana... hmm... but i don't really like beach, takut item. :P but i do like beautiful scenery...
waaa.... :D

salam kenal mbak.


C said...

Beautiful, makes me miss Malaysia though I never saw a beach this beautiful.