Thursday, August 18, 2011

just arrived..

The postman just came and drop a package for me, from Sawo Kecik :)
What's inside? A pretty wallet and some cute character buttons!

The fabric for the wallet was from my own collection, I really like the guitar motives. As for the buttons, I plan to make them onto some cute stuff for my kids as they're big fans of Angry Birds :D

A huge thanks for you Pimpi :)


SawoKecik said...

Thank you juga Ina.. hehe ... kain gitarnya keren banget deh ... beli dimana siiih ?

designer said...

Aku yang makasii Pimpi ^_^
Kain gitarnya beli online, kmrn itu tinggal 1/2 m aku beli aja semua hehe