Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where I Sew

Here's more from my new sewing room, or what my kids call my office :D It was a room filled with clutter of old stuff, boxes and suitcases. After what seems to be an endless job, it's now finally coming together.

The old squeaky chair is my mother's. My hubby offered to change the wheels, but I'd rather get a whole new chair instead :)) Another one to add to my long wishlist.

We spent hours discussed which cabinet to get, but it's all worth it.. not to mention it's on sale! Yay! Hubby has hacked one of the display cubicle to make way for my sewing machine.. thank you dear ;)

And of course.. the day bed! It's oh so comfy and we get to use the space underneath to store stuff that we rarely use.

Though small, I'm so happy that I finally have my own sewing room. Well, actually it also functions as the guest bedroom, but we rarely have sleep over guests anyway.

I still need to add some details to the room.. will update the progress with you all here!


aphrodita wibowo said...

bagus... :) kalo aku super berantakaaan,hihi.. ;p

SawoKecik said...

hoooorrrrreee ... semakin rajin niiih .. jahitnya ...

Inaaa ... walletnya weekend yah aku kirim ... minta alamat ya .... :)

C said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

Masha Allah really nice. I love it and the day bed too. Wish I had an extra room like that. All of them are taken up by kids :)

designer said...

@dita: samaa, ini rapi kan gara2 mo dipoto ajah :p

@pimpi: rajin? aamiin :D asiiik makasii ^^

@C: Waalaikum Salam.. Thank you :) Up till now my twin boys still can be squeezed in one room :p