Monday, December 15, 2008

Bring The Outdoor In(to The Bath)

Lately I take a liking for relaxing long baths. And ofcourse I have to equip all the necessary things to make my bathroom a spa like sanctuary, rite? :D

Though I always drool over sights of natural styled outdoor baths or showers, but I have to bear with the fact that I'm not very fond of the cold wind against my skin. Well, even it's not that cold, but the warm water makes it feel colder than it is.

Hence, to create my very own indoor-with-an-outdoor-flair-bath I chose to bring the outdoor in instead, by adding natural elements like wood, stone, plants, even seashells. And ofcourse plenty of natural light will boost the outdoor feeling, that's why I installed skylight to get the best of both worlds - privacy and natural light.

And fyi, my bathroom is pretty small so I adjusted the natural elements so they wont be too overwhelming or worse, making the small bath more cramped.

One of my new added natural element is a soap coaster (yes, I always choose functional accessories). As simple as it may sound, but this one is made of natural materials: teak wood, varnished to make it durable in wet and humid environment common in bathrooms; combined with pearly seashell to top it off.

This wooden-shell soap coasters are available in 2 design, Asoka (the oval based shape) and Kenanga (the square based shape).

Kenanga Soap Coaster

Asoka Soap Coaster

Ofcourse, instead of drooling over them, you can have them here in Feathers For Nest :)

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