Friday, December 26, 2008


No, this post's title is not typo. Actually there's nothing wrong with it if you read it in Bahasa Indonesia.

But ofcourse I'm not gonna give you some language lecture here, just simply introducing the new arrivals in our home and decor online store Feathers For Nest : Trilogi - set of three accent pillows.

Accent pillows? Yup, these versatile decoration element can give accent to any room in your home, such as throw pillows on bed, cushions on couch or floor, or you can even take them on the go as travel pillows.

Why three? Well, why not? There's no rule tells how many pillows or cushions needed to create a perfect accent. Yet, if there is such a rule, then I should suggest you to break it and get these lovely accent pillow set rightaway!

Oh and these accent pillow covers are made from beautiful traditional handwoven fabrics from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia called Tenun Troso (because it's made in Troso, a small village just off Jepara). Now how's that for a fusion of traditional and modern style?

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