Monday, December 1, 2008

House Tour: Tropical Modern Mood

Maybe you have read about the outdoor living room I've blogged here?

Yeah I know it's near winter time and probably it's awkward to talk about anything outdoor, but hey, I'm conveniently located in a tropical country where it's warm n sunny most of the time, so I guess it's OK :D

Well, what I want to share now is about my friend's home which happen to have a pretty much same outdoor living room with the previous one I've blogged. Note the wooden screen in place for a window, it allows air to move freely without sacrificing the home owner's privacy.

I particularly love the nice touch the architect gave to the ceiling here.

Below is a glimpse of the indoor living area. Positioned beside the kitchen/ dining area, the open layout is perfect for gatherings where the hosts can prepare the meals while entertain the guests.

Here's the wall that the home owners consider as unfinished (and they plan to 'finish' it someday, somehow). Yet I think it's perfect as it is since the rawness enhance the modern and natural feel at the same time.

Overall, with it's big sliding glass doors facing the inner court/garden which let the natural air and light in, this house is near perfect. Yet, in a hot and humid tropical weather you can never have enough shades and screens. So I think that's what my friend is up to now. Adding some shades to keep out the hot sunshine and cold rain.

You can see other pictures of the house here.


luluk said...

could not agree more ..
tampias itu problem utama ..

thanks for the tour ya .. :)

designer said...

..u r very welcome ;)