Sunday, October 18, 2009

a fusion feast

Last night hubby and I went out to Esplanade for a late supper. I almost forgot about the Pesta Raya there if not for the excitements from the venue which just across the cafe where we ate.

After the alfresco dining we were drawn to the crowds nearby. It was at an outdoor theatre on the waterfront and not to mention it's free ;) so we decided to stay and watch for a while.

The stage bursts with talents from dancers, singers and musicians from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. As we watched in awe we learned that the show was not all about malay dances and songs only. We were pleasantly surprise when a bunch of youth from Jogja performed a javanese song in hip hop! It was like watching the Black Eyed Peas where Fergie wears kebaya and the boys wear batik shirt and blangkon (in a good way, ofcourse) :D

Afterwards we stroll along the river walk, enjoying the city lights and then finally took a cab back home. It sure was one of those almost-perfect Saturday nights :)

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