Friday, July 30, 2010

a bag refashion

My mother got this from my sister (which she got from her office), a neon yellow tote bag with a product logo on it.

Well, you could understand why my mother hasn't use the bag inspite of it being a gift from her daughter.

I told my mother that I'll make over the bag which she happily agree and she requested it to be in neutral shade of brown color.

Then I found this batik among my fabric stash and made some kind of sleeve to cover the outer part of the bag. I'm quite satisfied with the result, since it's a simple refashion yet gives a significant difference. 

Just hope my mother likes her 'new' bag :)


Andi Lia said...

Wow, a perfect refashion!
Jadinya bagus yaa, pasti mamanya senang :)

designer said...

Makasih mbak Lia :)
Iya Alhamdulillah mamaku sukaaaa ^^

Anonymous said...

iya bagus loh makeovernya.. bener2 beda ama sebelomnya dan jauhhh lbi eyecatchy :D