Sunday, July 18, 2010

a hearty purse

Wonder what's inside?

It's a pretty purse from Mbak Andi Lia of Calyx!

I really love the detailed embellishment on it, clearly that it's done with high quality craftsmanship. The mixed media - pastel drawing, embroidery (thread, bead and ribbon) - made the beautiful texture, how this is truly a work of art.
And I like how the purse could change its look easily (you could even carry it as a tote bag!), it's like having many purses with only one! You could see the many looks of the purse here.
Thanks again mbak Andi Lia for the chance of doing the craft swap with you, I hope you like my purse for you as I adore your multi function heart purse :)


Andi Lia said...

Aww, mb Ina, I'm so touched...alhamdulillah mb suka, aku juga suka banget clutch dari mb Ina, aku bawa kemana-mana :) Tute nya nanti ya mb, aku masih beresin stock buat bazaar akhir bulan.
Thanks so much, it's been a fun & pleasant craft swap :)

Coolstuff2cheap said...

That's wonderful! I love her stuff!

martha puri natasande said...

baguuuuuussssss.... love Ibu Lia's work!!