Friday, July 11, 2008

Rustic Table Makeover

What should you do with that tired old coffee table? Well don't throw it out straight away, because you can refurbish it easily. And if paint job or light carpentry work is not your thing, you can still work a few magic on some inexpensive decorating.

Just throw a table runner on it, display some framed photos, and add a dash of color with freshly picked flowers in a colorful vase. You can even opt for the artificial ones if you like. Just as simple as that, and there you have it.. a sweet refurbished table with a rustic tropical flair.

Still think it's not suitable for your living room? Afraid not, and imagine how the coffee table would fit nicely in that porch or patio of yours, as serving table for some thirst quencher and afternoon tea.. and coffee, ofcourse :)

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Susan Graham said...

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