Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Treat For The Guests

How many of you have the habit of taking home toiletries from hotels?

Maybe some would answer that they never do such a thing because they always carry their own personal toiletries. And some would say that they always use up the hotel toiletries while staying at the hotel (which that's the function for hotel toiletries in the first place).

And then there are people who do take the hotel toiletries home because they like it or just simply because they already pay for it so why not take it home?

Actually I think there's nothing wrong with taking home hotel toiletries, in fact you could make it into good use as toiletries for your guests. I mean, I'm sure you've been on situation where your guests forgot to bring their soap etc., so by preparing toiletries for them in advance is a really kind gesture. Just arrange the toiletries in a nice plate or bowl or basket, put it in the guest bedroom or bathroom and you are ready.

Ofcourse most of guests who spend the night in a friend's house would've been ready with their own toiletries, but eventhough they are not using the toiletries you've prepared they surely would feel welcomed and appreciate your effort.


ndutz said...

terdapat berbagai macam type ibu-ibu.. salah satunya ibu-ibu yang nggak mau rugi.. :D

designer said...

yeah.. drpd luw, skrg aja dah ga mo rugi apalagi tar kl dah jadi ibu-ibu :p