Monday, July 21, 2008

My Frog Prince

What's my most favourite thing from trips (yes, more than once) to the IKEA Sale recently?

Not the candle holder, not the table centerpiece, not the other home accessories..

It's the Minnen Groda frog toy :D

This cute soft toy is soooo adorable with a 'crown' on its head, and you can even open or close its mouth with zipper. When it's open there's a small 'fly' stitched inside, moreover you can store small items/ toys inside the mouth as well.

Having to fight over it with my twin pre-schoolers, now finally I can sleep with MY Frog Prince, a more interesting choice than a regular bolster. Ahh, I feel like a princess.. ;D


daniel said...

put a bag of Svenska LantChips Original Salted Chips in your list...and it would make your trips even enjoyable than ever..hahaha

designer said...

and then worry for those extra calories? :D