Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proud Indonesian - in Retro Style

pic's from Apartment Therapy

I was just browsing around when I stumbled upon this. What do you know.. it's a wooden radio! But what surprised me the most was the name of the designer - Singgih Kartono - it really sounds very much Indonesian (Javanese to be exact)!

The first thing came to me was it's probably another person/company who hails Indonesian name as the brand, along with the local craftmen and natural sources, yet the 'brain' is not.

But guess what.. I was wrong (and I'm happy for that)!

This unique wood radio is an original Indonesian piece :) Sure am uplifted to see such a well designed (the product AND the package as well) and well marketed product from my country of origin is doing great globally.

Later I've found that back in 2005 and 2006 Singgih Kartono has won some IGDS (Indonesia Good Design Selection) Awards (hey I also find some furnitures from my previous workplace here, not bad!), and he also won an award from the International Design Resource Association (IDRA) in Seattle last year. No wonder now his work is getting rave online reviews. Hmmm.. another item to put in my wish list ;)


daniel said...

I actually met with this guy on the IGDS ceremony. We started to chat when i asked him "isn't that Titik Puspa?" (while i was pointing at a woman in front)hahaha..what a shallow question..afterwards we discussed several things. A passionate & humble guy who has sincere heart for Indonesian product design. Respect!!

designer said...

ow yeah I almost forgot..
u r also one of those IGDS designers :p