Thursday, July 24, 2008

When Perfect Is Not The Goal

How do you think a house dedicated to children would look like?

A far cry from a typical kindergarten.. or not?

I found a nice article in New York Times (click this posting's title to view the original article) featuring the subject, and still can't figure out till now how on earth can I make my house like that. I mean, ofcourse I LLOVE my children, but I don't think I would let them do their art homework on my designer couch.. and not to mention PAINT the couch!

Yet, a mother in this article did.

It said that she and her family used to live 'in a temple of architectural perfection' but found out that it didn't make their life perfect. So now she's going in a different direction, and somehow I find it fun and posh at the same time.

At least I can look at it and nod to how a bit clutter or messy state can become amusing if it's saying all about your life.

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